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At NİĞMER, the primary objective of our Human Resources policy is to become a preferred company by establishing a strong bond among our employees through our innovative practices. Key objectives of our HR policy include maintaining high motivation among our staff, protecting and enhancing our corporate image, prioritizing innovative work, and exhibiting a service-oriented approach.

Here is NİĞMER’s Human Resources policy:

Employee Commitment: We take various measures to enhance our employees’ commitment to our job and company. We offer various incentives and supports to nourish their interest in their jobs and careers, raise their motivation, and ensure their satisfaction.

Talented and Skilled Human Resources: We value the qualifications and talents of individuals working at our company. During the hiring process, we rigorously evaluate candidates and support new hires in adapting to our job and achieving success. We provide opportunities for the growth and promotion of our talented and skilled employees.

Education and Development: We offer training opportunities to ensure the continuous development of our employees. We organize training programs to increase their skills and competencies, supporting their personal and professional growth. We encourage them to keep up with innovations in the business world and continuously renew themselves.

Work-Life Balance: We support our employees in establishing a healthy balance between their work and personal lives. By offering flexible working hours, remote working opportunities, and various social supports, we ensure they succeed at work while continuing their family lives.

Internal Communication: Strengthening internal communication and establishing an effective communication network among our employees is of great importance. We provide opportunities for our employees to share their thoughts through regular meetings, communication channels, and feedback mechanisms. By encouraging collaboration and teamwork, we increase trust and understanding among our employees.

Performance Evaluation: We regularly evaluate the performance of our employees. We conduct an objective evaluation process based on criteria such as achieving goals, taking responsibility, teamwork, and personal growth. Recognizing and rewarding performance is a crucial step in increasing employee motivation.

Business Ethics and Values: At NİĞMER, we place great importance on business ethics and values. We expect our employees to adopt values such as honesty, respect, fairness, ethical behavior, and transparency. These values help in building our company on a strong foundation and achieving sustainable success.

Occupational Health and Safety: The health and safety of our employees are among our top priorities. We take necessary measures to ensure safe working conditions at the workplace, minimize risks, and organize awareness programs about occupational health. The health and safety of our employees are our most valuable assets.

At NİĞMER, our Human Resources policy reflects an approach centered on employee satisfaction and development. By investing in quality and talented human resources, we contribute to the growth and success of our company. We encourage our employees to unleash their potential and continuously improve themselves. Thus, as the NİĞMER family, we believe we can take our achievements even further together.